India International Education Conclave (IIEC)

The role of senior management has long been described as challenging. One of their key responsibilities is to ensure the well-being of the employees in their organizations. The objective of this platform is to help the senior management develop a conceptual view of pertinent changes taking place in the organizational climate, so that they can provide leadership and direction to the relevant developmental and remedial programs in their organizations. The platform provides delegates the opportunity to interact with leading psychologists of the country.

Topics covered under IIEC

  • Dealing with Failures – Developing Resilience
  • Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems in Organizations
  • Revisiting Workplace Counselling
  • Employees “At-Risk” – Identification and Management
  • New Dimensions of Anxiety in the Contemporary Environment
  • Addictions and Obsessions – New Age Challenges
  • Managing Sexual Behaviour in Changing Socio-cultural Environment