Bringing up children in the contemporary sociocultural paradigm throws unique and perplexing challenges, unlike anything faced by previous generations. Add to this the present atmosphere of uncertainty and the lack of opportunity for formal socialization; it will not be an overstatement to say that the mental health of our children is at risk. In this scenario the purpose of education should not be limited to nurturing high aspiring students, but also to promote the mental health of vulnerable children. Parents and educators today can no longer remain confined within the contours of their conventional roles, and thus need to develop a conceptual view of the field of mental health and work towards understanding the intricacies of a child’s development. This course is designed to impart essential knowledge to understand the causes, and the signs and symptoms of mental health problems in children. The course also highlights active measures that can be undertaken to prevent mental health problems in children, along with the steps that need to be taken once a mental health problem is suspected.

Eligibility (Any one of the following)
  • (a) Bachelor’s Degree in any Discipline
  • (b) Teaching degree / Teaching diploma
*The medium of instruction in the instructor-led online class and the study material will be English.
Administered By

Department of Continuing Education (DCE) – ICTRC


3 Months




INR 9,450 (All Inclusive) for candidates residing in India.

USD 195 (All Inclusive) for candidates residing outside the Indian territory.

* Fee includes shipping cost for printed copies of Self Learning Modules (SLM)
Important dates

Online Application Starts
January 10, 2022

Last Date for Online Applications
February 8, 2022

Dispatch of Study Material
Third week of February

Intake 2022

Dear Candidate, registration for the current batch is closed. If you wish to be notified when the next intake starts, please communicate the same through the Know More form.

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